This Bouquet comes with 30-35 pcs of assorted chocolate dipped strawberries or assorted fruit and a beautiful Floral Arrangment to include a variety of other seasonal blooms. We also include one of our exclusive keepsake boxes and a handwritten stationery note card. Perfect for sharing with loved ones!

I Love You

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  •   Our floral boxes cannot be shipped! We offer free delivery within the PG County areas. Any orders outside of PG County will incure a delivery fee of $1 per mile, per roundtrip based on google maps. Once we receive your address and it's outside of the PG County area, we will email a separate invoice for the delivery fee that must be paid before the order is processed. All orders will be delivered in 48 hrs from the time the order was placed. Due to the sensitive nature of our florals and strawberries, if for any reason the recipient is not at the delivery address, we will first notify the purchaser regarding the floral box. From there, we will either leave the gift with a designated person close to the recipient or we will leave the box in a safe and cool space for the recipient to retrieve upon their arrival. Once the box has been left at the designated location, we are no longer responsible for anything that happens to the floral box.


    We understand that you would like to surprise your recipient with our floral gift box! Because of this, we ask that you let your recipient know a surprise delivery is coming on your selected date and time. No need to tell them what it is! Simply explain to look out for the gift which is a surprise in itself. 


    Strawberry sizes may vary from season to season and toppings may vary depending on stock availability. All fruit will be wrapped on delivery for hygiene and safety reasons.  


    ​Due to seasonal availibility of certain flowers and strawberry size, we may use a substitution. It does not happen a lot but in rare cases, we will always use the best match with the flowers pictured and always be of equal or higher value to the one pictured. In the rare case that no suitable substitution is available, we may contact with you to find an alternative solution.

  • All sales are final and non refundable when it comes to our Floral Boxes. If for any reason our Floral Boxes becomes damaged during transit, we will issue a full replacement at no additional cost. Please make sure recipient and address are as accurate as possible so that we can make sure all deliveries arrive on time. 


    There will be a $1 per mile, per round trip for deliveries based on google maps outside of PG County. Additional fees may be applied for anything considering tolls and/or out of state expenses. Once the Floral Box has been delivered, any damages to the contents of the box will be out of our control. It is the responsibility of the customer to let us know the correct address, special cross streets or other directions/precautions when delivering our boxes.


     Polished and Rose has the right to leave all delivered boxes at the recipient address regardless if they are there or not. It is the purchasers repsonsibility to inform the recipient of the delivery date and time to avoid any issues. We are in no obligation to take our floral boxes back. If for any reason the recipient is not at the designated location and the contents of the floral box become damaged or tainted after drop off, Polished and Rose will not be held responsible. Please list any and all allergies as our ingredients or machinery may come in contact with nuts, milk, and wheat products!


    Our Floral Boxes may contain chocolate and special ingredients, making them fragile during the Summer months. It is mandatory that all recipients are at their designated location to retrieve the floral boxes. Our Floral Boxes are reqired to be in adequate AC or kept refrigerated if not eaten right away during summer months.


     By reading the above policy and proceeding with payment, the client agrees to all terms and conditions. This acts as a binding contract between Polished & Rose and the above client.